Glass Box Tropicals
Create your personal rainforest

Glass Box Tropicals was created in 2012 in order to provide terrarium hobbyists with an increasingly vast assortment of plants suited for use with poison dart frogs. From there, it has grown to offer plants suited well for use with many other animals, as well as plants for a wide variety of plant enthusiasts and collectors!

Many of the plants that we currently offer are grown at our facility under high output T5 or LED lighting. In addition to growing many of the plants that we offer, we also work with select commercial nurseries in the United States of America and abroad. We work extremely hard to offer the highest quality plants, as well as a vast selection.

As Glass Box Tropicals has grown, we have also begun to offer a wide array of other supplies commonly needed when growing plants, building and maintaining terrariums, culturing and caring for microfauna, and caring for poison dart frogs and other terrarium inhabitants. Many of the products we now offer are sourced from all over the world in order to aid you in building your personal rainforest.

We are located in Lansing, Michigan and are currently an online store only.